Prepare your submission

Thank you for standing up to defend dispensaries in Vancouver! We have an important opportunity to participate in a public process to influence how marijuana dispensaries will be managed in the first municipality in Canada to create regulations. Cities and towns across the province and the country will be using the ‘Vancouver Model’ to create their own regulations.

The public hearings are an opportunity to bring a human face to the issue, and our stories are what moves minds. You’ll want to share your personal story, and draw a clear line between access to dispensaries and your quality of life. A good approach is to land on how any changes you are advocating for will help you, and why.

We want to help you to put together the best submission possible. Here’s the process in three easy steps:

  • Get up to speed! Read up about the campaign, check out our faq sheet, and if you really want to dive deep, here are the regulations themselves.

  • Answer these questions to help generate your submission: What’s your name, and how/why do you use marijuana? Why is participating in the public hearing important to you? What’s your story, and why is having access to dispensaries important to you? What changes are you advocating for the proposed regulations? How will these changes improve your quality of life?

  • Practice your presentation. Record yourself so you can hear if you are speaking too fast, and get a clear sense of your timing. A single presenter has 5 minutes to speak, and you want to make sure you don’t go over. It’s great to get feedback from a friend or family member as well.

Remember, you don’t have to be from Vancouver to make a submission in person or in writing, so if you want to see sensible regulations for marijuana dispensaries, this is your chance to take action! Please do listen to Dana Larsen and Jamie Shaw talk about the regulations, and how they might effect you in the SoundCloud files below.